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Bloodwork Services for Pets

Frequent blood work allows veterinarians to ensure the well-being of your furry friends. Our team at Sims Veterinary Hospital performs blood tests on both health and sick patients. Not only are blood tests used to diagnose illnesses but also to establish what is normal health for your pet. We recommend blood work at least once every year to detect any signs of illnesses in the early stages.

Why are blood tests important if my pet is healthy?

Oftentimes illnesses or abnormalities do not present themselves until they are severe or advanced. When your pet has blood work performed regularly it’s unlikely to miss any underlying conditions. Another reason why your healthy pets may need blood testing is to determine their baseline health. This is necessary for the future so we can track any changes. Healthy pets also undergo lab work before surgery. Pre-anesthetic testing helps our team determine how much anesthesia is safe for your pet.
To schedule your pet’s blood test appointment please contact us at 613.531.3334.

How often should my pet have blood work done?

Our veterinarian will recommend blood testing for your pets when they need it. Pets age much faster and a lot can change in a year so we generally recommend each pet have blood work done once every year. Seniors and pets with health conditions may need blood work done more than once each year.

How is blood taken from my pet?

Taking your pet’s blood takes less than a minute. Our veterinarian or technician simply locates a vein in the neck or leg and inserts a needle to draw the blood.

How long does it take to get blood work results for my pet?

Our hospital has an in-house laboratory which allows us to process results the same day. Some cases that are more complicated may be referred to board-certified specialists and may take a few more days.


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