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Senior Care for Pets

The golden years of your pet’s life are more critical as the care they need changes. With regular veterinary exams pet owners can learn what type of special care their senior pet needs. Ideally senior pets should be examined every six months. Getting older means your pet is more susceptible to illnesses, but that doesn’t mean their quality of life should be low. At our hospital, our team is dedicated to providing preventative treatments and recommending special care to keep senior pets living happy and well.

What are signs my pet is getting older?

There are many signs your pet is getting older, here are a few:

  1. Hearing problems
  2. Less energy
  3. Weight loss or weight gain
  4. Increase or decrease in urinating, eating or drinking
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Differences in hair coat such as thinning or greying around the face

When is my pet considered a senior?

Cats 8 years and older are usually considered seniors. For dogs, it depends on their breed. Generally, dogs 7 years and older are seen as seniors. You should speak with your veterinarian to figure out what senior status your pet is in. Schedule an appointment at 613.531.3334 to find out more about your senior pet’s needs during this point of their life.

What are common health issues in senior pets?

Aging makes your furry friend more likely to develop various illnesses. For this reason it is especially important that senior pets have regular checkups to catch issues in the early stages so they don’t pose more serious threats to their lives. Common illnesses in senior pets include:

  1. Kidney/liver problems
  2. Cancer
  3. Arthritis
  4. Hormone disorder
  5. Cognitive dysfunction (also known as Alzheimer’s or dementia in humans)
  6. Diabetes

How can I care for my senior pets?

The care that senior pets need is different from how you would care for adults, kittens or puppies. It definitely helps to exercise more patience when caring for your senior pet as their interest in their normal lifestyle starts to decrease. It is always wise to work with a veterinarian to perform regular wellness exams and provide updates on new treatment or care that your loyal companion needs.


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