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Veterinary Exam

Veterinary exams are an important component to giving your pet the best care that they deserve. A veterinary exam is just like a doctor’s checkup. In order to maintain your loyal companion’s health we encourage regular veterinary examination. This allows our veterinarian to track your pet’s development, catch any unknown issues and gives pet owners the opportunity to bring forward any issues.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

The veterinary exams we provide at our hospital usually begin with a full panel blood test. This blood test tells us if your pet’s blood levels are normal and can indicate underlying health issues. Our veterinarian will also do a physical examination of your pet’s body to locate bumps, lumps or any other abnormalities. Depending on your pet’s health or age we may perform other tests to locate possible health issues. Based on the results from the tests we will provide treatments and recommend lifestyle changes for your pet.

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How often does my pet need a veterinary exam?

Each pet should have at least one veterinary exam each year. We suggest that puppies and kittens have approximately three veterinary exams per year, and senior pets should have two per year. Your pets need frequent veterinary exams because they age faster than people. This means that significant changes in your pet’s health can happen in a short time. Annual exams allow us to detect health issues in the early stages when they are easier to treat and prevent life-threatening illnesses.


We have a New Veterinarian! A Warm Welcome to Dr. Nora Formandl

We are delighted to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Dr. Nora Formandl. Dr. Nora will be available to serve you and your beloved pets on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please join us in extending her a warm and heartfelt welcome to Sims Animal Hospital.

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