Microchipping for Pets

With a microchip you give your lost pet the best chance of being returned home is they ever get lost. Microchipping is a permanent way to identify them. Pets are very adventurous and may easily get lost sometimes. When a microchip is used in addition to a collar and ID tag, the chances of finding your pet are significantly increased. Our veterinarian and technicians are very skilled and experienced at implanting microchips.

How do microchips work?

A microchip is a tiny device inserted under the skin at the back of the neck. When the chip is inserted if that pet gets lost a veterinarian or shelter may scan the neck area of the pet. Each microchip has a barcode that is picked up by a scanner which transmits an ID number. The chip manufacturer is then contacted to retrieve the pet owner’s information.

Why should I consider microchipping my pet?

Microchipping your pet is a good idea because there are no negative effects. Unlike collars and ID tags, microchips do not need to be replaced. Even if your pet has never been lost, it’s difficult to predict when they may escape through an opened gate or break loose from their leash.

Is microchipping painful for my pet?

Inserting microchips cause little to no pain in your pets. The pain they feel is comparable to receiving an injection. If your pet has a low pain tolerance it might be a good idea to microchip them while they get spayed or neutered, as those procedures will require them to be sedated under general anesthesia. For more information on microchips contact our team at 613.531.3334.

Last updated: March 18, 2022.

Dear Clients,

With the upcoming changes to masking requirements for Ontario, we wanted to keep everyone updated on our protocols. We have decided that our clinic will continue with mandatory face masks after March 21, 2022. This will be for all staff and all clients entering the clinic.

We understand that this may not be the update that some were hoping for. Our team continues to work in close quarters, it’s imperative that we continue to take these safety measures. This will help ensure that we can operate properly and continue to provide the best medical care for your pets. It has been so nice to welcome clients back into the clinic. With our exam room size and length of time spent with you, our doctors appreciate your compliance with our face mask requirements and hope this will continue.

As always, as things change we will continue to update our protocols as we feel necessary.

  • For medication/food pickup and payments, a maximum of 2 people are allowed in reception at one time. Upon arrival please call us at 613-531-3334.
  • Only 1 client will be allowed into the exam rooms at this time due to insufficient social distancing space
  • Face masks are mandatory when interacting with our team
  • Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us all stay healthy. Please be considerate of our staff. We ask only for courtesy and kindness when working with our team as they continue to work tirelessly to provide the best level of care for your pet during these trying times.

    – Your dedicated team at Sims Animal Hospital