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Surgical Services for Pets

Surgery is sometimes needed to improve your pet’s quality of life. At Sims Veterinary Hospital, we perform various surgeries and refer complex operations to special veterinary surgeons. When performing surgery we take extra precaution to provide the highest quality care in order to get the best outcome.

What happens before veterinary surgery?

To ensure the safety of your loyal companion we perform pre-anesthetic testing. This includes a blood screen test and with this we can determine if your pet is healthy enough for surgery. The blood test will show your furry friend’s liver and kidney function, as well as their blood count. It is important to know the functionality of these organs as they guide our veterinarians when deciding on what is a safe amount of sedative and anesthesia for your pet. We also perform a physical examination to assess the health of your pet and identify any issues which may become a concern later on.

What happens during pet surgery?

Ensuring that our patients stay safe and comfortable during surgery is significantly important to us. Our veterinary health care team is highly skilled and experienced in administering anesthesia and monitoring patients. The type of anesthesia used is dependent on each surgery. We may use general or local anesthesia. With general anesthesia your pet will be unconscious and they won’t feel pain. This is quite safe and we monitor your pet’s vital signs to provide added safety. Most general anesthetic procedures begin with our veterinarians administering a sedative to keep your pet relaxed and reduce anxiety. We then administer intravenous fluids and a breathing tube into your pet.

Local anesthesia is used for minor procedures. Local anesthetic numbs the area where the operation will be performed. We also administer a sedative along with this type of anesthesia and sometimes anxiety medication to keep the patient calm.

If you have any questions or concerns about surgery for your pet, reach out to us. Simply call us at 613.531.3334.

What surgeries are offered at your hospital?

We offer routine spay and neuter surgery as well as soft tissue surgery. Soft tissue surgeries are those not associated with the bone. The most common type of soft tissue operation we perform is the removal of masses or lumps.

How can I prepare my pet for surgery?

Based on the type of procedure our veterinarian may provide special instructions. Two general guidelines for any operation are to have your pet fully vaccinated and have your pet fast for approximately 8 hours before surgery. Don’t worry, we will provide you with all the instructions you need for your pet’s specific case.


We have a New Veterinarian! A Warm Welcome to Dr. Nora Formandl

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